If you get lots of bills which you choose to pay later, using the bill feature in Quick-Books Online Support Services in springfield (QBO) could be a great way to remind you when payments are due. It is also a more accurate way to keep track of what you owe your vendors.

Open bills

Click on the Create icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then select Bill.

Choose the Vendor

To choose an already existing vendor who sent you this bill, type the vendor name in the Choose a vendor text box.

Add a New Vendor

If you need to add a new vendor, select the +Add new option under the text box.

Then enter the new vendor’s name in the Name text box, and click save. You will be able to enter the vendor’s specific information at another time.

Enter the Terms

Enter how long the vendor gives you to pay the bill by clicking the Terms drop down menu. For example, Net 10 means that the vendor gives you 10 days to pay the bill form the bill date.

Choose an Account

Choose the appropriate account for the products or services you are paying for by selecting the Account drop-down menu. Then enter the amount of the bill under the Amount text box.


If you are going to enter more bills after this, click Save and New. If this is the last bill you are entering for now, click Save and Close.