Navigate to the Reconcile Menu

Select the Gear (services) Icon, and then select Reconcile under the Tools column.

Choose Account

Choose the account you want to reconcile form the Account drop down menu. Once you have selected the account, click Reconcile Now.

Enter Statement Details

Find the Statement End Date and the Ending Balance amount on the account bank statement. Enter the date and amount in the appropriate fields below. Then click OK.

Matching Expenses

In the Reconcile window, match each transaction from your bank statement with an item in the list, checking the box to the right of each transaction to match. It might be easier to sort the transactions by amount for easy sorting.

Finish Reconciliation

Once the difference field value at the bottom of the screen is zero, you can click Finish Now.

Examine Reconciliation Report

When finished, QuickBooks will take you back to the main Reconcile menu. Here, you can see the reconciliation you just entered. Click on it to open a detail window for review.

A detailed report will open, with an option to print a copy for your records.