In part 1, we saw how to register with the IL Department of Revenue to get your Illinois Withholding Number now we are going to register with the Illinois unemployment department to get your Illinois Account Number.

1) To start, go to

2) Click on the hyperlink (click here) shown below:

3) This opens the registration instructions. Be sure to read it before proceeding.

4) Once you are done reading, click on “Logon to TaxNet”. This is located in the first position on the left side menu.

5) Click on “New Taxnet User: Click Here”

6) Next, enter the credentials to create your user profile

7) Once you create a profile, use that profile to login.

8) Before you start, you will be required to complete a registration. A letter will be mailed to you with your IL Unemployment Tax Rate.

Your Illinois account number will also appear in the account you just created. You can use that number to complete your payroll setup.

Setting up Payroll – Registering your Business in IL – Part 1