In order to report wages to the federal authorities, you will need to register and get an EIN. This number can also be used to identify your business if you are a sole proprietor. To get your EIN:

1) Go to the IRS website

2) Click on “Apply Online Now”. This takes you to the screen below:

3) Click on “Begin Application”

4) Select your business entity.

5) The next couple of screens ask you some more questions. Be sure to put in the response that applies to your business. If you are not sure of any question, ask your accountant as putting in the wrong value, can cost you greatly.

At the end of the process you will be issued an EIN which you can enter in QuickBooks Support for Small Businesses.

Be sure to print and save this in a safe place as you will need this document often for your business. You can also choose to have it mailed to you. However, I recommend choosing the electronic version as you can save it on your computer and print as many times as you need.

Setting up Payroll – Registering your Business with the FEDs – Part 2