It is recommended to setup an EFTPS account to review your payroll deposits. The EFTPS is the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® tax payment service.

To register:

1) Visit

2) Click “Enroll”.

3) This is for your payroll so click business. However, if you will like to use the system to manage your individual tax obligations, you should register your individual account by undergoing the process again at a different time.

4) Provide the information requested in the next screen.

5) Click on review when done.

6) Submit if everything looks good.

You will be mailed a letter to verify your bank account number used in the enrollment process. Once your bank account is verified you will be issued a pin which you can use to create an account by going back to the EFTPS website.

Setting up Payroll – Registering your Business with the FEDs – Part 1