In Quick-Books, you have a choice to use the bill pay feature or write check without entering the bills. While this saves time, it does not help you keep track of accounts payable and due dates. However, if you pay your bills as you receive it, you do not need this feature.

Open a Check

    Go to the Plus Sign Menu and under Vendors choose Check


Enter Payee Info

    Click the Choose a payee drop down arrow. To choose an already existing vendor, type the name in the text box and select the vendor.


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Entering a New Vendor

    If you need to add a new vendor, choose the +Add new option.

Enter the vendor’s name in the Name text box, and click save. You will be able to add the vendor’s specific information later at a different time.

Choose an Account

    Choose either a checking or savings account, or add a new one.

Enter Date

    Enter the check’s payment date by locating the Payment date text box. Select the small calendar icon and select the appropriate date. This date is not necessarily today’s date.


Choose an Account Category

    Under Account Details, click the Account field drop down arrow and choose the appropriate category for the item or service you bought.


Add a Description

    Under Account Details, in the Description field, you can name and describe the item or service what you want.


Check Amount

    In the Amount field, enter the amount for the check.




Check Number

    If you’ve handwritten this check, enter the check number. If you’re printing the check, leave the check number blank.


Printing Checks

    If you’re going to print just one check, click Print check, located at the bottom of the screen.

     If you’re going to enter a check and want to print several at once, check the Print Later box.



Saving Check

    If you want to save this check and enter a new one, click Save and New.

    If you want to save the check and don’t have any more checks to enter, click Save and Close.